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Horse Shows 2016

9:00 AM
April 3 Forrest Linton Hunter Classic
June 19  
Sept 18
Forrest Linton Pony Classic
Oct 16



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Class Specifications

Leadline: Open to children 7 years and younger . no cross-entry into classes where they trot. BHSA
Pre-Short Stirrup Equitation:  Open to riders 10 years and under.  Riders not allowed to cross enter into classes where they would be asked to canter or jump.  BHSA
Short-Stirrup Equitation: Open to riders 12 years and under. Jumps may not exceed 18”.  Riders not allowed to cross enter into classes where they would jump over 18”.
Short-Stirrup Hunter: Open to riders 12 years and under. Jumps may not exceed 18”. Riders & horses no cross entries into classes where jump r higher than 18”. No rider may show more than 2 mounts.
Student Equitation: Riders in their 1st or 2nd year of showing @ 2’ or higher.
Maiden Hunter: Horses or ponies in their 1 showing st year of showing@ 2’ or higher
Green Pony Hunter: Ponies ridden by jrs. @ 2’ or higher 2’ small, 2’3 med, 2’6 large  
Green Hunter: Horses in their 1st year of showing @ 2’ or higher
Low/Schooling Hunter: Horses and ponies, riders choice  2’3, 2’6, 2’9
Pony Hunter: Open to jrs on ponies. Sm ponies 2’, Med jump 2’3”, large jump 2’6”  BHSA,VHSA
Children’s/Adult Amateur Hunter: Open to juniors and adult amateurs.  2’6.  BHSA,VHSA

  1. Pleasure Pony: Open to Jrs on ponies. To be judged on manners,suitability,soundness,way of going. 
  2. Pleasure Horse: Open to horses. To be judged on manners,suitability,soundness,way of going.
  3. Silver Fox: Open to those who do not typically show.  No cross entering.

The Forrest Tayloe Linton Memorial Classic:  Open only to horses, ponies not allowed. No restrictions on riders. A two -round Classic judged as a hunter class using numeric scoring.The jump order for the second round will start with the lowest score going first to the highest score to be last.   Jump heights to be 2’6” and 3’, rider’s choice. 
The Forrest Tayloe Linton Pony Memorial Classic:  Open to Jrs on ponies. See above for details. with the following exceptions:  Jump heights to be 2’ or 2’6”, rider’s choice. 





  1. No dogs allowed
  2. Classes are $12
  3. Schooling from 2:00 PM to 3:45 PM
  4. Ribbons to 6th place. Points will be awarded 7,5,3,2,1. Champion receives 10, Reserve 6. Year end awards presented at the last show.
  5. Negative coggins within the last 12 months required
  6. ASTM approved helmets most be worn at all times while mounted
  7. $50 fee will be charged for all returned checks
  8. Informal riding attire allowed.
  9. Woodpecker Farm, employees, and associates will not be held responsible for loss, accident, or injury during any show to any exhibitor, spectator, groom, property or animal. Participants and spectators alike understand that horses are inherently dangerous and that equipment and ground conditions are equally unpredictable; and knowingly choose to participate and/or spectate, take full responsibility for this choice Entry onto the se grounds constitutes agreement and knowledge thereof.
  10. In the event of inclement weather, call the following numbers:(804)448-3346 or (804)994-4330